New Tyres: 3 Types of Speciality Tyre You Should Consider

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The tyres on your vehicle are designed to be durable and safe for an extended period of time. However, car tyres are not indestructible. Over time, the rubber on a car tyre will be worn away as it comes into contact with the road surface. Tyres can also be damaged if they hit debris on the road. If your tyres are worn or damaged, you will have to replace them.

The standard tyres which are fitted to most new cars are all-season and all-terrain tyres. This means that they offer good performance in most standard road conditions. However, this type of tyre will not offer great performance when used in non-standard driving situations. If you drive your car in a specific non-standard environment, you should consider investing in speciality tyres. Below is a guide to 3 of the most common types of speciality tyres.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed for driving in snowy or slick road conditions. If you live in the highlands on the east coast of Australia which receive regular winter snow, you may wish to install winter tyres. Winter tyres feature an increased number of grooves which allow the tyre to grip onto snow and ice. The grooves also allow water to flow around and under the surface of the tyre, increasing the traction of the car and its stability on the road.

Performance Tyres

While in the past you would have needed to own a sports car in order to fit a set of performance tyres, these days many manufacturers produce performance tyres for their standard models. Performance tyres look great and allow you to accelerate at a greater speed. They are made of soft rubber, which rolls easily on a tarmac road surface and does not overheat. However, the soft rubber is prone to damage and will also wear out much more quickly when compared to standard tyres.

Rough Terrain Tyres

If you live in the outback or frequently have to travel over rural roads, you should think about buying a set of rough terrain tyres. These tyres feature a deep tread which can easily bite into surfaces such as sand and soft mud, allowing your car to gain better traction. These types of tyres also make it easier for you to drive over rocks and gravel. Rough terrain tyres feature a reinforced wall, which increases the strength of the tyre and helps to prevent punctures. However, rough terrain tyres should not be used if you spend a lot of time driving on normal road surfaces as the deep tread reduces contact with the road surface and thus reduces both traction and the stability of your car.

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28 September 2016

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Hey! My name is Damian and this blog contains some very important information about caring for and protecting your auto. I am not an automotive expert but I do have some experiences which have taught me some important lessons. When I bought a new car a couple of years ago, I was so happy. However, that happiness turned to anger when someone broke into my car. They didn't manage to drive it away but I was super mad. My friend who works in an auto shop recommended that I buy some accessories to improve the security of my car. He also gave me some great tips on how I could keep my car secure.