Why You Need to Service Your Wheels and Tyres on a Regular Basis


Do you remember how industrious your tyre fitter was when you last bought a new set for your car? Can you remember how feverishly he or she was labouring away after the tyres had been fitted to the wheels and before you could leave? The fitter was working on tracking and balancing, but that is not just a one-time job. It's something you should be considering on a regular basis. Why is this, and what's involved?

6 December 2016

First Time in Australia? What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Runaround

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When you first arrive in Australia you will be struck by just how big everything is and how much distance you have to travel between the towns and cities. There is so much to offer and so much to see that you really need your own transportation. Yet when looking for a car to give you this freedom you have to be aware and pick wisely. What do you need to know?

4 November 2016

New Tyres: 3 Types of Speciality Tyre You Should Consider

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The tyres on your vehicle are designed to be durable and safe for an extended period of time. However, car tyres are not indestructible. Over time, the rubber on a car tyre will be worn away as it comes into contact with the road surface. Tyres can also be damaged if they hit debris on the road. If your tyres are worn or damaged, you will have to replace them.

28 September 2016

Four Mistakes Motorists Make When They Are Trying To Save Money

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Driving can be an expensive activity. Every year, the average Aussie driver spends around AU$3800 just to keep their car going, a figure that doesn't include payments on the vehicle. Given those costs, it's not surprising that many people try to avoid spending money on servicing, cleaning and other car essentials if they can avoid it. However, if you are one of those people who skimps on your vehicle, you might be storing up long-term costs.

9 September 2016

Diagnosing the Problem When Your Car's Manual Transmission is Acting Up

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If your car's manual transmission is giving you problems, you may not be facing the repair bills you expect. In some cases, there may simply be a few small parts that need replacing or repair, or the problem could be something as simple as needing additional transmission fluid. Note a few tips for diagnosing common problems with a manual transmission so you can know where to start looking for the problem or what you'll be facing when it comes to the repair bill from your mechanic.

10 August 2016

Your Car's Cooling System: Understanding the Its Various Components

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Diesel and petrol powered engines must burn fuel to produce the energy needed to propel your car. This produces a lot of heat in the engine, which forces car manufactures to install cooling systems to help regulate the high temperatures and keep them within limits that allow the engine to operate. If your cooling system is dysfunctional, the engine will overheat and lead to subsequent damage in other parts. This is why you should understand the basic components, functions and maintenance practices for your car's cooling system to minimise mechanical mishaps.

26 July 2016

Indications That Your Vehicle Is In Need Of Automatic Transmission Services

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For most motorists, the thought of having to deal with a faulty transmission can be a nightmare. This is typically because transmission repairs can end up being quite costly, especially if you have ignored the warning signs for a significant amount of time. This is why it is prudent to be wary of any symptoms your vehicle may be displaying that it has a faulty transmission. Having the problem established post haste ensures that it does not become aggravated and start affecting other components such as your vehicle's engine.

8 July 2016

4 Tips For Extending the Life of Your 4WD Diesel Truck

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If you have a 4WD truck with a diesel engine, regular maintenance is imperative. It isn't difficult, but it does require regular inspections and minor repairs to keep the truck in good running condition. Here are some tips for maintaining the diesel engine in order to extend the life of your truck. Change the Oil and Filter These are two things that you must do regularly with a diesel truck. While it is important for any vehicle, the risk to the engine of a gas-powered truck isn't quite as severe as with one that has a diesel engine.

17 June 2016

What You Need To Check When Buying a Used Caravan

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If you are buying a used caravan, even from a dealership, there are lot of things you need to check so that you end up buying something that will develop problems, which will result in costly. Unfortunately, you may not know all the things you need to check for especially when it's your first time. In addition, you can easily forget important things, which is why you need a checklist. To help you, here are important things you should include in the checklist.

19 May 2016

Automotive car service | Handy checklist before going for a long trip

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A long journey can make minute problems cause a lot of trouble. Long trips really put your car through a lot, so you need to ensure that you've prepared your vehicle adequately. Unfortunately, there are some crucial things many people forget to check before commencing their journey. Failure to make these considerations may put you at risk of injuring yourself or worse. So before getting behind the wheel, ensure these 3 items don't slip off your checklist.

4 May 2016