First Time in Australia? What You Need to Know When Choosing Your Runaround

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When you first arrive in Australia you will be struck by just how big everything is and how much distance you have to travel between the towns and cities. There is so much to offer and so much to see that you really need your own transportation. Yet when looking for a car to give you this freedom you have to be aware and pick wisely. What do you need to know?

When Buying Privately

You may be tempted to try to cut corners by getting your vehicle from a private advert or from a post on a noticeboard. Many backpackers will have picked up their cars this way and will be looking to sell in the same fashion. You can certainly save some money if you do so, but you have to be careful.

Care and Attention

Understand that backpackers will not necessarily be familiar with the car market in Australia and may not have done a lot of their own due diligence when they picked up their car in the first place. They may not have been very attentive when looking after the needs of their cars, may not have serviced them regularly and may have put a lot of kilometres onto the clock in a fairly short space of time.


One of the main things to be aware is that you need a registration, also called "rego" for short. You are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle in Australia without one and there are other provisions too. In many cases this means that the car needs to be assessed as "roadworthy" before such a registration ticket is issued.


Different states have different rules when it comes to registration. Some require you to have a roadworthy certificate test done every year, while others don't have a requirement at all. If you're a tourist, some states restrict the amount of time allocated to the particular registration certificate and will only issue it for three months at a time. For this reason, you must always ask about a registration certificate whenever you buy a car, even in the most casual circumstances.


Furthermore, whenever you buy a car you have to be given the title slip in return and this has to be submitted to the motor vehicle registry nearest to you. This is a record of ownership and periodically requires a payment to the authorities. You may be lucky to buy a car that has several months of registration still to run, but otherwise you need to budget for payment in return for the documents that give you title to the vehicle. Always try and buy a car that is registered in the state that you are in, as otherwise you may have to pay for new licence plates and several fees including an Interstate transfer and an owner transfer.


4 November 2016

Keeping Your Auto Safe and Secure

Hey! My name is Damian and this blog contains some very important information about caring for and protecting your auto. I am not an automotive expert but I do have some experiences which have taught me some important lessons. When I bought a new car a couple of years ago, I was so happy. However, that happiness turned to anger when someone broke into my car. They didn't manage to drive it away but I was super mad. My friend who works in an auto shop recommended that I buy some accessories to improve the security of my car. He also gave me some great tips on how I could keep my car secure.