Diagnosing the Problem When Your Car's Manual Transmission is Acting Up

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If your car's manual transmission is giving you problems, you may not be facing the repair bills you expect. In some cases, there may simply be a few small parts that need replacing or repair, or the problem could be something as simple as needing additional transmission fluid. Note a few tips for diagnosing common problems with a manual transmission so you can know where to start looking for the problem or what you'll be facing when it comes to the repair bill from your mechanic.


When you shift your car into another gear, it should move very smoothly. However, if there is a grinding sound or grinding feeling, or if your car shakes while you shift, this often means that the gears themselves are worn. Once the teeth of the gears get worn, your car's transmission cannot make a smooth transition from park to drive or reverse, and you'll hear or feel grinding. The car may also shake because it's trying to force the transmission to change gears. Typically the gears of the transmission will need to simply be changed.

Sticky feeling

If you try to shift into another gear and it seems sticky, meaning that the shifter won't move smoothly from one gear to another, there is likely a problem with your car's transmission fluid. This fluid allows the chains and gears of the transmission to move freely. Have your transmission system flushed and filled with new fluid, as old fluid can simply be corroded or filled with debris that causes this stickiness or hesitation. You might also notice a burning smell when fluid is old, making a full flush with new fluid a better option than simply adding more fluid.

Doesn't go into gear

If your shifting is not just sticky but your car actually refuses to go into gear, this often means there is a problem with the linkage of the chains of the transmission. If the chain gets slack, the linkage won't be lined up with the teeth of the gears. The chain can sometimes be tightened, or it may need to be replaced. In some cases, it may also be that the car's computer system is not communicating properly with the transmission. You can unhook the car's battery and let it sit for half an hour or so; this can often reset the computer once you put the battery back into place, similar to rebooting your home computer.

Contact a company specialising in manual gearbox repairs for more advice.


10 August 2016

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