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A long journey can make minute problems cause a lot of trouble. Long trips really put your car through a lot, so you need to ensure that you've prepared your vehicle adequately. Unfortunately, there are some crucial things many people forget to check before commencing their journey. Failure to make these considerations may put you at risk of injuring yourself or worse. So before getting behind the wheel, ensure these 3 items don't slip off your checklist.

Check the battery

Many people forget to check the car battery. The visual look should be appealing with no damaged parts or acid leaks. Also tighten the terminals and ensure that they are not corroded. Corroded terminals will raise a lot of issues when starting the vehicle. Your battery may also drain due to small mistakes like leaving the headlights on when going to take your lunch. Carry your battery cables at the trunk of your car to jumpstart your vehicle in case of such an emergency. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Replace any burnt out light bulbs

Your vehicle's headlights and taillights are important tools when it comes to road trips. Your high beam, corner beam and low beam light bulbs all need to be working in perfect condition before you leave for your trip. Headlamps are usually vehicle specific, so you'll have to get the exact bulb that your make supports for optimal performance.

If you have to replace any bulbs, wear protective gloves while doing so. Most bulbs are pressurised and could easily break when you tighten your grip to remove them. Use your vehicle's manual to determine the best way to access and replace them. You should also carry some spare bulbs just in case any burn out during your trip.

Inspect your brakes

Your brakes are also an important factor of consideration before going on a trip. Any squealing or sticking is a sign that the brake pads are not working as they should. They are probably damaged or worn out.

You should be able to see the pads through the wheel. If these brake pads are too thin, then you need to get them replaced. Some brake pad designs have a slot at the middle that indicates the levels of wear. If it's almost non-existent, then your brake pads are very worn out.

You can also get a good idea of the degree of wear by checking the brake fluid levels. Little brake fluid may give an indication that your brake pads are worn out.

If you're worried about anything regarding your car, do not hesitate to take it to a car service before heading out on your road trip.


4 May 2016

Keeping Your Auto Safe and Secure

Hey! My name is Damian and this blog contains some very important information about caring for and protecting your auto. I am not an automotive expert but I do have some experiences which have taught me some important lessons. When I bought a new car a couple of years ago, I was so happy. However, that happiness turned to anger when someone broke into my car. They didn't manage to drive it away but I was super mad. My friend who works in an auto shop recommended that I buy some accessories to improve the security of my car. He also gave me some great tips on how I could keep my car secure.