Three Ways You Unknowingly Contribute To Vehicle Brake Damage


Brake repairs are one of the most common car repairs many auto repair people tackle on a daily basis. Your vehicle's braking system is perhaps the most crucial system within your vehicle. After all, if you cannot stop your car conveniently, you probably shouldn't even be driving it in the first place. There are many causes and diagnostic symptoms of brake damage. Whenever you notice these symptoms, it is wise to seek brake repairs promptly. Whether the symptoms are because of worn out brake pads and drums, or low transmission fluid, waiting on these repairs can result in the damaged component extending damage to other more expensive parts of the brake systems. You do not want to have to break the bank because you ignored a smaller problem that later triggered a bigger one. 

There are many ways in which the driver of a vehicle directly contributes to braking system damages out of their own avoidable actions. Here are three of these actions that if you abstain from, you may just save a lot of money in brake repairs costs.

Junk in the trunk

Driving around with that grill that you haven't gotten around to finding somewhere to store will directly contribute to faster wear on your brake pads and rotors. Many people have the habit of leaving unnecessary heavy materials in their trunk and driving around with it before they come around to finding suitable storage or use for it. A heavy trunk means that your car also needs more power to stop whenever you brake. The added stress you are putting on your braking system directly hastens the wear on various parts within the system. De-clutter your trunk and get rid of especially heavy materials that you don't need.

Drive with the pace of the traffic

Always leave enough space between you and the car ahead for you to decelerate comfortably whenever you are driving in traffic. Tailgaters don't realize that the more frequent they require those abrupt stops the more frequently they probably pay for brake repairs. Having to jam down that brake paddle every time is seriously doing damage to the transmission fluid, pads, rotors, and other components due to the heat caused by friction. Smooth stops cause less heat of friction and, consequently, less wear and damage to your braking system.

Brake riding

You probably know someone who drives with their foot constantly engaged in a conversation with the brake paddle. Or maybe this is you. Many successive unnecessary brakes are quite taxing to your braking system.  If you do this because you are extra cautious, try driving slower then; you will get ample time to brake comfortably when the need arises. People who indulge their inner aggressive driver constantly also end up braking quite often. They need to make abrupt last-minute stops. This is also a sure way of ensuring you and your brake repairs guy see each other quite frequently in the course of the strong relationship you are cultivating.  


12 April 2016

Keeping Your Auto Safe and Secure

Hey! My name is Damian and this blog contains some very important information about caring for and protecting your auto. I am not an automotive expert but I do have some experiences which have taught me some important lessons. When I bought a new car a couple of years ago, I was so happy. However, that happiness turned to anger when someone broke into my car. They didn't manage to drive it away but I was super mad. My friend who works in an auto shop recommended that I buy some accessories to improve the security of my car. He also gave me some great tips on how I could keep my car secure.