Three Beneficial Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Car


The saying that old is gold may not always be applicable in a number of real-life situations, but large number of individuals who own very old automobiles know it all too well. In a large number of cases, the only thing left for an old automobile is to have it disposed so as to free up valuable space in the residential garage or around the parking lot area.

This article discusses three car disposal strategies whose benefit goes beyond that of finally being able to get rid of the old automobile.

Call In The Car Wreckers

For old vehicles that are immobile, calling in a car wrecking and disposal company is the best way to benefit from the vehicle's disposal. In a large number of cases, car wreckers will offer cash on the spot after inspecting the condition of an old vehicle and ascertaining that most (if not all) components of the vehicle can be reconditioned.

Old vehicles with less damaged components that can be reconditioned easily often attract higher instant payments from a car wrecker. Perhaps the best thing about choosing car wreckers for automobile disposal is that the wrecker may come to pick up the old vehicle right from its owner's doorstep.

Therefore, getting rid of an old vehicle can be as easy as making a phone call. There's literally nothing else that the vehicle owner has to do in relation to the car disposal exercise.

Trade In The Old Vehicle At A Used Vehicle Dealership

An old automobile may be worthless in the eyes of its owner, but it will always have some sort of value in the eyes of a vehicle. So long as an old vehicle can be driven into the dealer's shop, it is worth something.

Used vehicle dealerships will recondition old model automobiles and put them up for re-sale. In the event that this is not possible, the dealership will recondition various components of the automobile and use them as aftermarket spare parts on suitable vehicle models within the dealership.

Donate The Automobile To Charity

In a large number of cases, the discount offered on a new car for one that has been traded in is often lower than the value of the old trade-in.

Well-to-do owners of old vehicles who can comfortably afford to buy a new vehicle without the trade-in discount can get rid of the old vehicles the noble way by donating them to charity organizations.  This can be done in support of charity organizations that champion causes for which the vehicle owner is passionate.

A hidden benefit of this disposal strategy is that it may qualify the vehicle owner for a tax deduction in some jurisdictions.


18 January 2016

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