What Types Of Trucks Are Used To Tow Vehicles?


There are a number of car towing service companies that seem to provide similar services. This makes it a bit difficult for vehicle owners to choose the best company for the job at hand.

Different types of trucks are used for vehicle towing. The type of trucks used by a towing company can be used as a criterion to choose between different towing companies. Below is a discussion on the various types of trucks used to tow vehicles.

Flatbed Trucks

A large number of towing service companies use flatbed trucks for service provision. A flatbed truck is designed with an extendable flatbed onto which vehicles are loaded. The flatbed is designed to extend to ground level so as to allow for easy loading of vehicles to be towed.

Tilt tray trucks are most suitable flatbed trucks for accident recovery towing. The use of these trucks for accident towing is preferred for a number of reasons. For one, flatbed trucks come with large sized cabin areas with the ability to accommodate up to five passengers. As such, the owner of the damaged vehicle does not need to look for alternative transportation from the scene of the accident once the vehicle has been towed.

Additionally, the use of flatbed trucks is advantageous in the sense that it reduces chances of further damage to the vehicle. With flatbed trucks, the damaged vehicle is carried out of the scene of the accident as opposed to being pulled from the scene.  

Tow Dolly Trucks

Tow dolly trucks are the second type of trucks used by towing service providers. A tow dolly truck is used to lift the front wheels of the vehicle above ground level. The tow dolly is attached to the towing vehicle before loading of the damaged vehicle.

Advantages associated with the use of tow dolly trucks include the fact that these trucks are often smaller than their flatbed counterparts and their operation therefore requires less space. As such, they can be used to tow vehicles stuck in small spaces that may prove inaccessible if a flatbed truck is to be used. Their loading and unloading mechanism is also straightforward and simple, which often makes for faster loading and unloading of damaged vehicles.

On the flip side though, tow dolly trucks may not be the best for towing rear-wheel drive vehicles. In the same breath, these trucks have a limited weight-bearing capacity as compared to their flatbed counterparts.


7 December 2015

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