How to Avoid and Respond to Collisions With Kangaroos

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Hitting a kangaroo with your car is a relevant threat when you are driving around many parts of Australia. Luckily, there are simple tips that can help you avoid these accidents, and if you accidentally hit a kangaroo, there is a protocol you should follow as well. Take a look at these essential ideas:

Avoiding Accidents With Kangaroos

If you want to avoid hitting a kangaroo, be especially vigilant at dawn and dusk when they are particularly active. In areas with kangaroo warning signs, lower your speed -- that allows you to respond more readily if one hops into the road.

Most importantly, remember kangaroos travel in colonies. If you see one, there are likely more lurking nearby.

Taking Care of Hit Kangaroos

Unfortunately, no matter how vigilant you are, you may occasionally hit a kangaroo. When that happens, move your car safely out of the way of the traffic. Do not approach the animal as it may hurt you if still alive. Instead, call the local ranger, the shire office or a wildlife rescue immediately.

Dealing With Your Car After a Kangaroo Collision

Even if your car looks fine, don't just get in it and drive away. Keep in mind that impacts can seriously damage cars internally even if their body work looks fine. Walk around the car and do a quick check to ensure it isn't leaking fluids. Then, look for random parts or hoses hanging off the engine and under the car body.

Open the hood and make sure that it closes again -- unfortunately, in some cases, impacts can ruin the latch of your engine hood. Also, look for damaged lights or other signs of damage.

If your car has any of these issues, call a tow service as driving may be unsafe. Even if you decide that the car seems reasonably safe to drive home, schedule it for a service as soon as possible. Car service experts can ensure your vehicle doesn't have lasting damage, and they can fix any damage that is there.

Making an Insurance Claim

If you have to pay for a lot of repairs, your car insurance may cover those costs if you have a comprehensive policy. To make the insurance claim process easier, take pictures at the scene of the accident with your phone to help create proof of the accident. Keep in mind, however, that if the amount of the damage is less than your excess, you may just want to pay for the car service and repair out of pocket rather than reporting it to your insurer.



12 October 2015

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