Common Problems Your Auto Air Conditioning System May Face

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One of the integral components of comfort in your car is it auto air conditioning system. Since this system is used as often as you drive your vehicle, it may need regular maintenance checks to ensure that it is running smoothly. There is nothing worse than your air conditioning system failing you during extreme weather conditions as car rides can then become unbearably difficult.

Here are some common problems that your auto air conditioning system may be faced with:

Moisture collecting in the system

Due to the condensation process, the coils in the air conditioning system usually tend to have some moisture on them. This is similar to the way the mirror in your bathroom will have a lot of condensation right after you have taken a shower. The additional moisture makes it quite easy for dust and other particles to embed themselves on the coils.

As the dust particles keep accumulating on the coils over time, it becomes harder for them to function optimally. This slows down the air cooling process. In addition to this, your auto air conditioning system will not be able to dehumidify your car any longer. These complications lead to your system trying to work much harder and could end up damaging it in the long run. Thus, it is very important that you occasionally enlist the services of an auto mechanic to ensure that this process is not taking place.

Foul odours in the vehicle

Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi can begin breeding in your vehicle's air conditioning unit over time. If left undeterred, you will notice pungent odours emanating from the system. Not only is this uncomfortable to be around, but it could also mean that you are breathing in contaminated air while driving. When you notice foul odours emanating from the car, it would be best to have an auto mechanic check your system and clean it appropriately.

Low refrigerant levels

Your auto air conditioning system requires a refrigerant to cool the air in your car. Generally, the levels of this refrigerant will diminish over time as it is used. In the cold winter months, the seals of the unit can become susceptible to drying out and this affects the optimal efficiency of the unit. To rectify this, you should ensure the refrigerant is refilled. Your auto mechanic can also check for any leaks that could be causing the refrigerant to decrease faster than usual.

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4 August 2015

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