Semi-Trailer Truck: Guidelines on Brake Maintenance

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The braking system is an important module in every vehicle but it is particularly critical in semi-trailer trucks. This automotive is designed to combine a tractor unit with one or even more semi-trailers. The heavy truck and trailer sections must be able to stop efficiently and with consistency. If there are weaknesses in the braking system, the process of stopping especially on the freeway will be difficult. This can cause major accidents which will expose you and your business to lawsuits and financial losses.

You can limit the risks by ensuring that the braking components are serviced regularly in-house or by professional technicians. Here are some guidelines to help you ensure that proper care and maintenance is performed on your semi-trailer truck.

Replace Worn-Out Components

The braking system has parts which require regular replacement to promote safety and efficiency. You should ensure that there is a timetable for inspecting and replacing such components. One of the most important parts to keep your eye on is the brake pad. The brake pads are steel plates which are designed to initiate friction in the braking system in order to slow down or stop the truck. They are highly susceptible to wear due to the frictional force so they will require frequent replacement.

You should note that these components have a brake-wear indicator built into the pads. You can commission replacement of the other braking system elements like springs, pins, drums and bushings together with the brake pads regardless of their condition.

Lubricate the Slack Adjusters

The slack adjusters in semi-trailer trucks are designed to ensure that the brakes are always in alignment. Poor brake adjustment can lead to complete brake failure and subsequently, a vehicular accident. Therefore, it is important to make certain that the slack adjusters are functioning optimally.

Lubrication of the components is essential whether your truck uses manual or automatic adjusters. If these are left ungreased, the slack adjusters will eventually seize up and even stop working. There are different types of suitable lubricants in the market but lithium grease is one of the ideal choices.

Check the Air Pressure Gauge

Compressed air brake systems are primarily installed in large vehicles such as the semi-trailer truck. They are crucial in the function of the brakes because they generate compressed air which applies pressure on the brake pads when stopping the vehicle. Always check the air gauge before starting the vehicle to ensure that there is enough pressure for braking. The ideal application pressure will be noted in the owner's manual.

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15 July 2015

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