Why Every Company Should Consider a Coach Hire for Business Travelers

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If your staff needs to be taken to an event such as a retreat or conference, it's always good to consider a coach or bus hire that includes a driver. There are many advantages to your company for such a hire; consider a few of those here.

1. Your company reduces their liability

Even if your staff is offsite, if they're conducting official company business or doing something they've been instructed by the company such as attending a seminar, you are liable for their safety and security. If you were to drive a bus for everyone yourself or have everyone drive their own car, you may face tremendous costs and even lawsuits in case of an accident.

However, when you hire a coach with a driver they share that liability. Their insurance may be responsible for the majority if not all the costs associated with any injuries as the result of an accident, and they may also share liability if someone were to file a civil lawsuit due to negligence. This reduces your costs for such cases.

2. It's safer to keep your staff together

There is always safety in numbers and it can be safer for everyone if your staff were to travel together rather than separately. When you hire a coach you can take a headcount or attendance and know that everyone is safely on the bus before it departs and no one has been left behind. In case of an illness or other unforeseen occurrence, someone on your staff will be sure to get immediate assistance when you all travel together.

3. You know who is actually attending

When having your staff attend a large conference it may be easy for someone to avoid going if they have a coworker sign an attendance sheet for them, or if they know that the crowd will be so large that they won't be missed. When you hire a coach you can take that headcount or attendance to ensure that everyone is attending as instructed.

4. You can use your time more effectively

When you hire a coach you can use the time driving to and from the conference or retreat to talk to your staff and review notes, go over key points from the conference, rehearse everyone's presentations, and the like. Rather than wasting time driving yourself or having everyone drive individually, that time in the coach can be better used as something of a meeting before and after the event. This way every minute of the conference or retreat or other event is well-spent.

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25 February 2015

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