Road Trip? How To Ensure Your Caravan's Fridge Performs Well

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If you're dusting off your caravan after a winter recess and planning a great road trip, there are a few things you can check as you get ready to ensure that you have as trouble-free a holiday as possible. Check to see that your refrigerator is properly configured and installed and ready for action. While you should always ensure that it has been installed according to the manufacturer's specification, here are some pointers that you can check for yourself.

Check Installation And Operation

1. Optimise the unit's performance by ensuring that the refrigeration element is sealed off from the caravan's living area. This will help to ensure that ambient heat does not gather around the refrigeration unit and impede its performance.

2. Ensure that the refrigerator is vented adequately to the outside and that drafts are not able to reach the interior. You can check this by removing the external grill and having a look through to the inside. You should not be able to see any daylight at all. The flow of air from the outside should enter towards the bottom of the refrigerator and exit towards the top. This will help to ventilate the warm air as it rises. Always make sure that the ventilators and grilles are not compromised in any way and have not been restricted in size due to the installation of bug screens, for example.

3. To add an extra level of safety, it is possible to buy an external ventilator kit to attach if you are not entirely happy with the initial installation.

Pre-cool The Food

When you are getting ready to set off on a trip, it is best if you "pre cool" the food and drink that you are likely to take. At the last minute transfer all of this to the caravan refrigerator and this should keep those perishables fresher during your trip.

Use A Car Charger For Those Ferry Trips

As you prepare, here is a tip if part of your trip involves travel on a car ferry. Of course, you will not be able to connect the caravan fridge to your active car battery, so to keep the fridge and all its perishable items cool, purchase a portable charging unit and make sure it is fully charged and ready for the ferry crossing. Pre-charge this unit by plugging it into your car's cigarette lighter for future usage. These units do have limited capacity though and may not be able to supply power for the entire length of your crossing, depending on its duration. However, the charger will extend the time that the refrigerator remains at optimum temperature.

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8 January 2015

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