What You Need To Know About Your Motorcycle Tyres

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Did you know that it's recommended that you check your motorcycle from tip to tail before each and every ride? This is something that very few motorcycle riders actually do, but considering how your safety is much more at risk on a motorcycle than in a car, it's a very important step to take. For those who cannot do this before every ride, it's good to at least understand some basics about your motorcycle tyres, as these are one of the most important parts of your safety when on your bike. Consider the following tips.

1. Invest in an electronic pressure gauge

An analog gauge is acceptable for determining the pressure of your tyres, but an electronic gauge is much more accurate. These are very affordable and available at just about any automotive parts and supply store.

If you cannot check the pressure of your bike's tyres before every ride, be sure to do this once per week. Average tyres will lose one or two numbers on their pressure every single week, so don't neglect this. Your owner's manual will tell you the best pressure for your bike, and it's often recommended that you actually keep it at one or two numbers above this for maximum safety. Remember that it's not the tyres themselves that cushion you against the road; it's the air in the tyres, so be sure they're properly inflated.

2. Send pictures of your tyres to your bike's local dealership when there are problems

Checking your tyres for bulges and cracks should also be done regularly, and if you notice any of these, you can usually take pictures of them and send them through the email to your bike's local dealership or a repair shop and ask if the bike is safe for riding. This can keep you off the road if your bike is in danger of having a tyre going flat or exploding. Professionals can also  tell you if the bike is safe to ride to the repair shop for a replacement tyre.

3. Never use car tyres on your motorcycle

This practice is known as "riding on the dark side", and some bike owners think that car tyres will be more durable than motorcycle tyres, but this can actually put them at risk when riding. The contact area of a car tyre is much larger than that of a bike tyre so that it won't dissipate water as easily in wet weather, which can increase your risk of a skid. Always use the manufacturer's recommendations for tyres on your bike when you need a replacement.

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6 January 2015

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Hey! My name is Damian and this blog contains some very important information about caring for and protecting your auto. I am not an automotive expert but I do have some experiences which have taught me some important lessons. When I bought a new car a couple of years ago, I was so happy. However, that happiness turned to anger when someone broke into my car. They didn't manage to drive it away but I was super mad. My friend who works in an auto shop recommended that I buy some accessories to improve the security of my car. He also gave me some great tips on how I could keep my car secure.