Types of Off-road Bumpers

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Bumpers are great accessories for off-road vehicles. An off-road bumper will protect the grill and front part of your vehicle from damage as it brushes small twigs and tree branches that are synonymous with off-road terrain.

Off-roads bumpers come in different designs, each of which has unique features for a particular use. Before you set out to buy an off-road bumper, you should know the various types of bumpers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Here is a look at the various types of off-road vehicle bumpers.

Brush-Guard Off-road Bumpers

Typical brush-guard bumpers are commonly made of several tubular steel bars, which are attached to the frame of the bumper. This frame acts as the point of contact between your vehicle and the bumper, and as such the frame is bolted on the front part of an off-road vehicle.

 A brush guard off-road bumper will cover your vehicle's headlights, the front grille, as well as the stock bumper. These bumpers are designed to push away tree limbs and small branches in order to prevent puncturing of the vehicles radiator or grille.

Brush-guard bumpers are highly durable and are worth investing your money in.

Push Bumpers

Off-road vehicles often get stuck in snow, sand, or mud. Getting a stuck vehicle out of snow or mud will require that a different vehicle is used to pull out the stuck vehicle. By design, push bumpers are made for this purpose.

In a large number of cases, push bumpers are incorporated into brush-guard bumpers. The vertical bars of a push bumper are placed across the tubular steel bars of the brush guard bumper before they're aligned with the stuck vehicle's rear bumper.

Push bumpers have their vertical push bars padded with tough rubber inserts that help to prevent scratching of the stuck vehicle's bumper.

Light Bar Off-Road Bumpers

It goes without saying that night-time off-road escapades can be quite exciting. However, it is important for off-road drivers to be able to clearly see the road at night.

Light bar off-road bumpers are specifically designed for night usage.  These off-road bumpers come mounted with two or more spotlights. These lights are usually mounted on the bumper bar just in front of your vehicle's grille.

The mentioned spotlights give off a significantly higher amount of light as compared to the vehicle's headlights, thereby increasing the visibility of the off-road terrain. Check out companies like A1 Automotive Suspension & Exhaust for more information.


2 January 2015

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