6 Ways To Avoid A Busted Tyre

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Getting a flat or blown tyre is bad enough, but when it occurs in a poorly-lit area, during a severe storm, or when you are on the fast freeway, it can be a recipe for disaster. While you can't prevent a busted tyre in every instance, it does help to know the things that cause a tyre blowout and how to reduce your risk.

Examine Your Tyres for Damage

Get down and have a really good look at your tyres. Look for any previous damage, nails, wear and tear, or flat tread.  Even slow leaks can quickly lead to under-inflated tyres, one of the leading causes of tyre blowouts. By routinely checking the condition of your tyres, you are able to see exactly when repairs or a new tyre is needed.

Check the Tyre Inflation

Using a tyre pressure gauge, check the pressure of all four tyres. Fill (or drain) if necessary. Both overinflated and under-inflated tyres are subject to bursting while driving. On the side of your tyres, you will see a number that tells you what the proper pressure is for those model of tyres.

Don't Put Off Replacing Your Tyres

Tyres aren't cheap, but if you put off getting new ones, you are increasing your risk for a blowout, which could be disastrous. Worn tyes need to be replaced if there is damage that a patch cannot fix, if there is too much wear on them, or if you have lost the tread. When you bring in your vehicle to be serviced, have them look at your tyres to examine the condition and replace them if it is recommended.

Don't Overload Your Vehicle

Overly heavy loads put stress on your tyres, another cause of tyre blowouts. If you are moving or planning a vacation, be careful about how much weight you put on your vehicle. You can save yourself the hassle and risk of a tyre blowout by renting a larger vehicle that can handle the weight.

Drive Carefully

Slamming into a pothole or a curbside can lead to a burst tyre. It can possibly damage your rim as well, costing you even more money. An easy way to avoid busted tyres while on the road is to always drive cautiously and be on the lookout for anything amiss.

Be Careful in Temperature Changes

Areas with extreme temperature changes can cause unintended changes to tyre pressure. Hot weather that becomes cold weather can make changes to the air inside the tyres, causing them to be less pressurized. Be aware of this and check them regularly with a tyre pressure gauge. Inflate when necessary.

If you don't know the signs of worn-out tyres at risk of a blowout, get your vehicle serviced regularly at an auto shop, such as 1st Choice Mechanical Repairs. They will check your tyres and let you know if you need a repair or need new ones altogether.


22 September 2014

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