Why You Need to Service Your Wheels and Tyres on a Regular Basis


Do you remember how industrious your tyre fitter was when you last bought a new set for your car? Can you remember how feverishly he or she was labouring away after the tyres had been fitted to the wheels and before you could leave? The fitter was working on tracking and balancing, but that is not just a one-time job. It's something you should be considering on a regular basis. Why is this, and what's involved?

6 December 2016

Three Ways You Unknowingly Contribute To Vehicle Brake Damage


Brake repairs are one of the most common car repairs many auto repair people tackle on a daily basis. Your vehicle's braking system is perhaps the most crucial system within your vehicle. After all, if you cannot stop your car conveniently, you probably shouldn't even be driving it in the first place. There are many causes and diagnostic symptoms of brake damage. Whenever you notice these symptoms, it is wise to seek brake repairs promptly.

12 April 2016

Three Beneficial Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Car


The saying that old is gold may not always be applicable in a number of real-life situations, but large number of individuals who own very old automobiles know it all too well. In a large number of cases, the only thing left for an old automobile is to have it disposed so as to free up valuable space in the residential garage or around the parking lot area. This article discusses three car disposal strategies whose benefit goes beyond that of finally being able to get rid of the old automobile.

18 January 2016

What Types Of Trucks Are Used To Tow Vehicles?


There are a number of car towing service companies that seem to provide similar services. This makes it a bit difficult for vehicle owners to choose the best company for the job at hand. Different types of trucks are used for vehicle towing. The type of trucks used by a towing company can be used as a criterion to choose between different towing companies. Below is a discussion on the various types of trucks used to tow vehicles.

7 December 2015

Maintaining the axles to your boat trailer


A boat trailer is quite an essential piece of equipment for you to transport your boat safely and in the most convenient way possible. However, a boat trailer is not just a piece of equipment to cater to the needs of your boat. It's its own piece of machinery that also needs proper care to function correctly. One of the most vital parts on your boat trailer, that are also quite prone to malfunction, are the axles.

19 November 2015

Three Tips for DIY Towing of a Trailer


Trailers are important in both commercial and personal transportation operations. They are suitable for shipping goods for sale, taking equipment to workshops for repair and even delivering products to customers. Ideally, you should consider hiring a towing service to move your packed trailer. The professionals understand the important aspects involved in the activity, such as the towing capacity, hitching the trailer and safety considerations. However, if you have a sturdy truck, you can save some money by towing without the expertise.

17 September 2015

How To Check If Your Car's Alternator Is Working


Of all the parts in your car's electrical system, the alternator is one of the most important. It has a crucial role to play in maintaining the mobility of your automobile. Due to the stresses placed on this unit by your normal daily driving, it may only last between three and four years. How does it work - and how do you know if it's becoming faulty? How Does an Alternator Work?

16 March 2015

Prolonging Your Car Battery's Life


When your car won't start, it's often because of a dead battery. When a jump-start fails, and diagnostic tests at the auto repair shop show that the battery is at the end of its life, it's time for a new one. The new battery should last four to five years, with no maintenance. But you can't take it for granted. The charge may deplete at any time, leaving you unable to use your car.

27 January 2015