Indications That Your Vehicle Is In Need Of Automatic Transmission Services

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For most motorists, the thought of having to deal with a faulty transmission can be a nightmare. This is typically because transmission repairs can end up being quite costly, especially if you have ignored the warning signs for a significant amount of time. This is why it is prudent to be wary of any symptoms your vehicle may be displaying that it has a faulty transmission. Having the problem established post haste ensures that it does not become aggravated and start affecting other components such as your vehicle's engine.  Early detection could also end up helping cost cut on the repairs. Here are some of the indications that your vehicle is in need of automatic transmission services.

Your vehicle has developed a leak

One mistake some motorists make is ignoring the signs of leaks coming from their vehicle. This is especially common if the leaks are a few droplets that only come about when the vehicle is parked. This is not ideal as leaks indicate there is a gap located somewhere within your transmission systems. The common culprits of transmission leaks tend to be seals, a faulty gasket, loose pans, or compromised transmission lines. 

Since the transmission system is both extensive as well as complicated, it is never advisable to try to find the leak on your own. Instead, it is prudent to take your vehicle for automatic transmission services. The mechanic would be most adept at discovering the source of the leak and addressing the problem before is escalates into a bigger issue.

Your transmission has started overheating

Overheating is another symptom that some motorists will overlook as long as their vehicle keeps cooling down on its own. However, as long as your transmission keeps overheating, the increased temperatures pose a risk of your entire transmission system malfunctioning. This is because the most affected component of your automatic transmission will be the transmission fluid. Your vehicle needs this transmission fluid to keep running.

There are several reasons why your transmission fluid could be overheating. Typically, this is caused by insufficient transmission fluid and this can easily be remedied by replenishing the supply. However, your transmission fluid will also begin to burn and overheat of there are particles in the fluid. In this instance, you would have to get a complete transmission fluid change. This would be best be done by an auto mechanic so as to ensure there is no debris lingering in your transmission. 


8 July 2016

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