4 Tips For Extending the Life of Your 4WD Diesel Truck

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If you have a 4WD truck with a diesel engine, regular maintenance is imperative. It isn't difficult, but it does require regular inspections and minor repairs to keep the truck in good running condition. Here are some tips for maintaining the diesel engine in order to extend the life of your truck.

Change the Oil and Filter

These are two things that you must do regularly with a diesel truck. While it is important for any vehicle, the risk to the engine of a gas-powered truck isn't quite as severe as with one that has a diesel engine. You could damage the engine and require replacing it just because you don't check these two things often enough. Make sure you check the condition of your oil in addition to making sure there is enough, and do an oil change as needed. The filters also need to be changed in order to avoid a clog getting into the fuel injection system.

Check the Glow Plugs

A gas-powered vehicle has spark plugs that are checked every time the vehicle gets a tune-up, but with a diesel engine, you will check the glow plugs. These are heating devices that help warm up the engine during cold weather. If you ignore the glow plugs, they might fail and not allow the cold engine to start properly. Check them year-round, but especially before the cold winter season. If the glow plugs look worn or corroded, have them replaced before temperatures drop too much.

Inspect the Head Gaskets and Bolts

During routine maintenance of your diesel engine, make sure you also check all bolts and head gaskets. If they are loose or worn, and you continue driving the truck, you might be looking at some serious repairs. The head gaskets help to seal the cylinder head and bolts together, so they are a vital part of the engine. If a gasket appears to be leaking when you inspect it, replace the set of gaskets right away. Bolts and gaskets are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, so don't put this off.

Drain the Water Separator

Your diesel truck has a part called a water separator, which helps take water from the fuel, close to the fuel filter. This keeps excess water from getting into the fuel and having a negative effect on your truck's operation. This water separator needs to be drained periodically. If you aren't sure how to drain it, bring your truck to a mechanic that does 4WD service.


17 June 2016

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