3 Benefits of Using a Minibus Hire for Your Homeschool Field Trip

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As a homeschool parent, teacher, or tutor you likely want to incorporate field trips into your curriculum. If you are part of a homeschool group or alliance, then you know the importance of making these trips something special for not only your child, but other children in the group. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring a minibus for the field trip. If you aren't sold on the idea, here are a few benefits this option can bring you.

Alternative Transportation Options

One of the key reasons that a minibus hire may be ideal for your homeschool related field trip is to offer transportation options to parents who may not be able to participate. Some parents may have fuel budgeting issues, vehicle issues, or something preventing them from taking their child on the field trip. A minibus hire can fix those issues, help ensure all available children in the group can go on the field trip, and offers last minute alternatives to families who may have an issue come up the day of or before the trip.

Socialisation and Bonding

You may not think of socialisation as a benefit of minibus hire. The truth is, if you have the majority of the homeschool students in the minibus for the trip, they will begin to socialise. You can help build friendships, introduce kids that may not have met before due to scheduling issues, and allow kids that don't normally socialise the chance to join in. It's an ideal way to get kids talking and give them a chance to bond.

Reduced Stress

When you have everyone on their own schedules trying to meet in a location, arrive on time, and leave at the same time it can bring a lot of stress. By hiring a minibus you can ensure that everyone is on the minibus and ready to go by a certain time. You can also ensure that all the homeschool students attending the field trip arrive to the location and leave at the same time. It lets you keep an eye on them and it allows you to ensure they are in a group, stay in a group, and leave in a group.

These are just three benefits of using a minibus hire for your homeschool field trip. Remember, you can purchase insurance for the rental. There are other safety options as well offered by individual minibus hire companies. If you want to find out the full list of options and services for your minibus hire, contact your local company for a consultaiton and price estimate.  


20 April 2015

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